Our Story

Guess what made us create GOE?


Enough of rogue chefs & juicers…

Have you ever felt super thirsty, headaches or perhaps facial tightness after a “delicious meal”?

You might be suffering from the aftereffects from monosodium glutamate AKA M.S.G.   Some chefs go the low cost and simple way by adding in “unhealthy ingredients and coloring” to make their food taste better!


Have you ever wondered why some juicers sold  “fresh juices” at only $2 or even $1; when a single granny smith apple was selling for $1 at the local grocers.

The answer we got from fresh fruit suppliers did not sit well with us.

  1.  Grade “A” fruits are those beautiful fresh looking ones you see displayed at your local grocers.   Have you ever wondered what happens to those over-ripe, damaged and perhaps rotting ones?

Yes, you guessed it.  Those are reclassified as Class “B” or “C” and resold at even $0.05 a piece.

2.  Juicers “bulk” up the volume of juices with ICE or even worse; sugar syrup to avoid water dilution.

3.  The lower cost and convenience of pasteurized juices meant many juicers would add them into their blends.  What most of us didn’t know was that pasteurized juices have reduced nutrients after boiling, added preservatives, flavors and even sweeteners.

Hardly, the healthy & natural food+beverages we expected it to be…



we don’t do MSG or artificial colorings…

we don’t do artificial sweeteners…

We don’t use ice for our smoothies, only wholesome frozen fruits are used!

We give only quality food + juices + smoothies….

Surprisingly good juices!



Ingredients covered with bacteria + wax + pesticides…

Pretty shiny apples displayed at the juicers doesn’t mean fresh and healthy produce.

Global researches have shown strong links between ingesting petroleum wax & pesticides with cancers.

At GOE juice, our 2 stage cleanse involves ozone cleaning which rids pesticides, harmful bacteria like e.coli and salmonella.

A follow-up rinse scrub in vinegar solution helps to rid residual contaminants.

 Check out this journal from the US national institute of health on ozone cleaning.


Expensive health juices?…

Working in the business district meant we forked out approx $8 for an authentic cup of health juice.  This meant a whopping $2,000 per annum to improve our hectic lifestyles.

A small price to pay for hefty medical bills but couldn’t such juices cost less?

Having direct links to fruit orchards and quality fresh good partners means better fruits at better prices for our juice bars.


Our Belief

Health is wealth.

Your body would be around longer than that expensive watch or handbag.

Invest in yourself!

E.Kew, Chief Juicer