Dark secrets of rogue juicers revealed!

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Practicing a little common sense with GOE tips would will steer you away from rogue juicers.


Just do a quick google using “Rotten fruit juices”, and you will be disgusted by the numerous results of major juicers using over-ripe and even rotten fruits for your health boost.

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Mold ridden rotting fruits  produces deadly toxins that can be accumulated in the body which may lead to cancer.

If a cup of “fresh orange juice” cost just $2, you might just want to give it a miss.

1 single orange fruit would have been sold at $0.60 at the local grocer and it might just produce just 80ml of orange juice.  Adding the cost of manpower and business expenses, the sums just doesn’t  add up to a $2 cup of juice.


Have you ever wondered why your “freshly squeezed / blended juice”  taste so sickening sweet?

Guess what?  You might have just drank a concoction of sugared syrup and fruits!


It takes up to 3 apples to fill up a 300ml cup, it just takes a rogue juicer; 1 apple, 2 cups of sugar syrup and plenty of ice cubes to fill up the very same 300ml cup.

You can imagine the cost saving the rogue juicer saves , while the unsuspecting customers enjoy their “healthy drink”.


What about those juice boxes with 6 – 12 months expiry dates?

Genuine freshly pressed/squeezed juices doesn’t last more than 3 days so how do they last 6 – 12 months?

Boxed juices are rarely 100 percent juice and instead have added preservatives, flavorings, colorings and sugars.

Juices made from concentrate are usually higher in sugar, as they sometimes contain high-fructose corn syrup or other artificial sweeteners.

Rogue juicers usually add a “base juice” of pasteurized juices to reduce cost yet creates a addictive sugar rush to your palate.


Unless we purchase organic vegetables and fruits, the usual produce that we purchase would have been sprayed with pesticides to keep it safe from hungry pests.

Based on research findings,  pesticides residue continue to stay on the produce even after we bring it home.  The national institute of health USA documents a high co-relation between pesticide exposure and cancer rates.

Proper cleaning of fruits and vegetables are critical in reducing toxic footprint of pesticides in your healthy fruit juices.


The extensive supply chain process from growing, packing, shipping, retailing means your fruits and vegetables are exposed to various conditions that may contaminate it with harmful bacteria like e.coli which may cause death.

GOE juice bars practices a 2 stage cleanse which involves ozone cleaning and natural solvent which aims to remove harmful pesticides and bacteria from its fresh produce.

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