I have Gout, what juice should I drink?

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The “disease of kings” was what Gout was initially termed

For centuries, gout was only observed in the wealthy, usually wealthy and powerful men, who consumed a diet rich in alcohol and meat.

Gout results from the accumulation of uric acid crystals in joints and bone. Uric acid is the waste product created after the body digests compounds from a class of chemicals known as purines from food.  Caffeine in coffee and theobromine in chocolate, the chemicals that give coffee and chocolate their “buzz,” likewise are purines.

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The first report of successful treatment of gout with cherries appeared in 1950 in a medical journal published

in Texas.

Thousands of people successfully treated their gout with cherries for decades, but is was only in 2002 that researchers at the University of California at Davis tested cherries in a controlled way.

Fresh cherries contain up to 9 times as much of the purple pigments and vitamin C that lower uric acid levels and reduce inflammation.

The ideal way to use cherry juice to fight gout is to drink 500ml of cherry juice everyday.  You could also eat your cherries of course, but it’s not a good idea to eat cherry pie—cane sugar as well as fructose aggravates gout.

Pineapples, pomegranates, bananas and avocados are also super gout fighters.

Pineapples are the only fruit that contains bromelain. It has already been discovered that the breakdown of uric acid is something that bromelain is able to do, which means helping to reduce the pain from gout.

Pomegranates has a low sugar and no fat content, their health benefits, along with its powerful antioxidant properties work towards reducing uric acid in the bloodstream and that is the main cause of gout.

Avocado has more potassium than a banana and it’s potassium that helps to remove uric acid from the body.

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